In 1992, he was going to college for Business Administration since he was planning on working at his father's company in the future.

His girlfriend at the time was a model of Elite, John Casablanca's agency in Rio de Janeiro.

One afternoon he went to Elite's office, to meet with her and was seen by one of the agencies scout manager, at the waiting room.

The manager immediately invited Marcio into the main office and made him his first job offer.

He started his modeling career starring countrywide commercials for Coca Cola, Telemar, Guaraná

Antarctica and many other large national brands.

Two months latter, the MTV people in Brazil asked Elite to find a male model to take tests for hosting the MTV Sports Brazilian version.

Marcio's tests were so good they were aired as the first program of the series. At that time

he was 21 and loved extreme sports like bungee jumping, parachuting, mountain climbing, hockey on wheels, jiu jitsu, snowboarding and motorcycles. In several of his MTV Sports he left his host position to become the "actor in a leading role".

During those MTV days he dropped college and started attending the actor's course at GTN's Acting School. In 1993 he was "found" by the GLOBO TELEVISION NETWORK (GTN)'s executives which saw him hosting and acting on MTV Sports and offered him his first acting role in one of GTN's spectacular soap operas.

In 1994's TROPICALIENTE, Marcio took his first role as Cassiano a very strong, long haired, wild fisherman with a great heart, that fought for the human and political rights of his fellows at the fisherman's village. This role had, in some scenes, a very dramatical appeal.

His natural charisma and healthy athletic appearance were perfect for the role and leaded him to the number one position in receiving fan's letters sent to GTN.

From there on, his road to the top was easy and he had important roles in other soap operas that in most cases stayed for six months on the air like CARA E COROA (1995/96), ANJO DE MIM (1997), ANJO MAU (1997/98), ANDANDO NAS NUVENS (his first good looking bad guy) (1999) and two specials of VOCE DECIDE an interactive series of programs.

Marcio also was the actor in a leading role in two Brazilian films: O GUARANY (1994) where he played Pery, an Indian hero well known of the Brazilian folklore and ZOANDO NA TV (1998) his first comedy role that made him be called the Brazilian Jim Carrey.

From 1999 on, Marcio was selected to be the first host of a new Sunday afternoon attraction, GENTE INOCENTE (INOCENT PEOPLE) produced by GTN inspired on the ideas and under the license of Endemol BV.

In just 10 years Marcio went from MTV Sports Host to the top stars cast of the main TV Network of South America: THE GLOBO TELEVISION NETWORK, well known worldwide for its high quality production standards.

As na actor and TV Host, Marcio is today the only professional of GTN under contract for both activities, simultaneously, until 2004.

In 2004 awarded the Quality Brasil 2004 prize as the Best Supporting Actor, for his performance at the brazilian soap opera "Celebridades".

In 2005 opened the season of "O Melhor do Brasil", a television show composed of games and entertainment in general.

In 2007 was invited for a special participation at the brazilian soap opera "Vidas Opostas" from Record TV.